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2024 ArtSeed Grant Applications are Closed.

To see the 2024 Grantees, click here

Watch this space for the 2025 ArtSeed Application.

Grant Writing Training Presentation in PowerPoint can be downloaded here.

Please Direct all inquiries to

The purpose of the
ArtSeed grant program is to encourage and enhance the arts in the Racine area and to foster excitement, support, and growth in the arts community. The RAC seeks projects that encourage new, innovative or experimental programs based in the arts.  This program is meant to assist small arts groups as well as individuals interested in the arts.  Artists or arts groups from Racine County may apply for an ArtSeed grant to help fund projects where activities occur primarily withing Racine County.  Projects which involve partnerships and collaborations are of particular interest. 

ArtSeed Re-Granting Program



  • Racine County Non-profit organizations with 501(c)3 status

  • Racine County Non-profit organizations without 501(c)3 status with documentation from a 501(c)3 organization stating their commitment to act as fiscal receiver

  • Individual artists living in Racine County

  • Both Public and Private schools in Racine County, if partnering/collaborating with an artist or arts program.

  • ArtSeed grant recipients are eligible to receive a grant for up to three years of consecutive funding. After sitting out a year, the recipient may apply again.


ArtSeed Re-Granting Program Does Not Fund:

  • Scholarships

  • Fundraising Projects

  • Projects not based in Racine County

  • Rent, Operational or Capital Improvement costs unless directly connected to the proposed program or project (in which case, contact RAC for guidance).

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