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ArtSeed Grant Program

Successful grantee will receive the remaining 25% of the grant award will be issued after the Grantee submits a satisfactory Final Grant Evaluation Report demonstrating that the goals of the project as outlined in the grant application and the reporting obligations have been met.


The Grantee must submit a Final Grant Evaluation Report to the Racine Arts Council by the 2023 ArtSeed Grants Program application deadline. Applications from organizations who have not filed final reports for past projects/grants will not be eligible for future grants.

Click Final Grant Evaluation to fill our your final report.  You will receive your final payment after review.

ArtSeed Final Report 2023 

1.  To get to the fillable portion, click on the "eye" icon at the top of the page.

2. Send 2 photos to

3. Final Payment will be sent when both are received.

Funding for ArtSeed Provided By:

The Osborne and Scekic Family Foundation

with funds from the State of Wisconsin

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