Quilts on Barns Road Rally 

October 10th Racine County

Stop at Real Racine Visitor Center, 14015 Washington Ave. Sturtevant or Downtown Racine Corp, 425 Main St. Racine to pick up a Quilts on Barns Road Rally instruction card ($5.00) and map from 8:00-3:00.  Fill out your rally card for a drawing of a quilt or goodie basket.  To print a rally card go to: www.racineartscouncil.org  

A GPS interactive map is available at www.realracine.com

Visit four (4) barns and take a selfie of each.

Send a photo or two to: director@racineartscouncil.org  Mail your printed rally card to: Racine Arts Council, 716 College Ave, Racine, WI 53403.  Must be received by Monday October 16th.  Drawing will be Saturday October 17, 2020.


Kirsten & Emily Maki Foundation

Bob & Missy Putnam

Robert Felle

Don Riegelman

Lesley Heins Walker

Pat Levine

Ryan Goerres

Judy Kehlstrom

Emily Mueller

Bob & Jill Jelinek

John Reitsma

Anne Tredwell

Dave & Cathy Perkins

Beth Ballo

Jan & John Fuller

William Bruce

Vi Schufelt

Carrie Massey

Barn List with