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Each year the Racine Arts Council Board of Directors chooses people in our community who have done  extraordinary volunteer work in the arts.  We thank them for their dedication to our organization and to philanthropic work!  We also honor past board members who have retired from the RAC.  Thanks everyone!

Emily Hill Award ...

The Emily Hill Award for Arts Advocacy is named after Emily Hill, a tireless teacher, performer and advocate for the arts. Hill was a generous supporter of Racine Arts Council and served on numerous local, regional and national boards for the arts, including the Racine Symphony Orchestra, the Florentine Opera (Milwaukee), the Wisconsin Theatre Association, the Metropolitan Opera National Council, and others. Hill taught classes in Creative Dramatics and performed in and directed plays.The award is given to those who mirror her selfless public service and devotion to the arts in all its forms

2018     Lee Roberts                       Journalist
2019     Steve Schoene                  Schmitt Music 

2021     Denise Zingg                     Spectrum School of Art

2022     Amanda Paffrath             Hot Shop Glass

2023     Georgia Hall                       Music & More

Heart of the Arts
2018      Vicky Schmitz                  The Prairie School
2019      Lauren Sommers            HALO

2020      Kristina Campbell          The Branch 1501   

2020      Nick Ramsey                    Family Power Music

2020      Scott Terry                        Mahogany Gallery

2021      Don Vander Leest           Watercolor Artist

2021      Lyle Peters                        Watercolor Artist

2022      Artists Gallery                  Downtown Racine

2022      Jon Bloner                          Krazine's Publication

2023      Mark Paffrath                   Singer/Songwriter

2023      Pat Badger                         Trumpet/Musician

2023      Jim Schatzman                  Conductor CAS

Champions Award ...
2018     Emily Mueller                   RAC Board member
              Janet Pobar                       RAC Board Member

2019     Pat Levine                          RAC Board Member
              Denise Roberts McKee   RAC Board Member


2021     Emily Knaapen                  RAC Board Member

2022     Cate Sabol                          RAC Board Member

              Matt Juzenas                     RAC Board Member

2023     Debra Karp                         RAC Board Member

2020 Downtown Achievement Award ...
Racine Arts Council received this prestigious award for over 50 years of the Monument Square Art Festival

2023 Emily Hill Recipient
Georgia Hall with
Kathi Wilson, Executive Director 

Georgia Hall EHA.jpeg
Amanda Paffrath 2022 .jpeg
Steve Schoene Emily Hill Award 2019.jpg
Pat & Denise Champions Award.jpg
2021 Award Recipients.jpg
Lauren with award.jpg
Showcase Award.jpg
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